Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Trip to Waimea

We visited Parker Ranch in Waimea nestled in the rolling hills to the north of Mount Hualalai. Waimea is off the tourist beaten path and along a winding road it took about thirty minutes to travel from our condo to enjoy its few attractions. Known as the Hawaiian Cowboy Capital, it was a little surreal to see similar scenery as our hometown in Oakdale. The acreage covered with cattle ranches the most well known being Parker Ranch.

We visited the red barn inspired tourist souvenir trap and then later ate at a well known restaurant that featured the locally grown cuisine.

Sunday we were able to find a church building there and enjoy the Christmas meeting with inspiring local music and flare. In the hymnals as I looked through them I found the lyrics of Hawaiian staples taped inside the front cover.

After returning home we took some family "outtakes" as there were more of them than portraits! Enjoy!

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