Sunday, December 28, 2008

Diva Darby

Capturing the important parts of our family's history are sometimes simple like the clicking away that I do with my always traveling camera. Other aspects, especially those including loading, downloading, uploading, particularly video shots become somewhat time consuming and frustrating. None the less I have been able to put together a few all be it not all of the items that I had intended for this post.

Okay, here's the issue. I'm on my very small laptop while we are here in Hawaii and I can't compress or have my video or photo imaging software here, it's all on my computer at home. So for now my telling the story of Diva Darby will have to suffice until I can upload the video here as well. So stay tuned for that addition some time soon!

We drove to Waimea the other night for dinner at a place called Thiebaud's. It was a great day to go as it was chilled and raining in the evening and they have butternut squash soup "to die for!"

So we snacked on that while Darby and Austin's favorite appetizer, calamari, came around. Although they weren't so appreciative of the wasabi aioli that was served with it but Dennis' and my sinus's were clear for the rest of the night!

So as we were enjoying our meal there was live entertainment of four local guys with their guitars, amps, mics, and so on. They played one of Darby's favorite Hawaiian tunes by Iz "White Sandy Beach of Hawaii" so she stood in the doorway to watch them.
I told her as she came back to the table that she should request that they play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" because they probably would know it and play it for her.

This made her very happy but the thought of introducing herself to -strangers- was a bit intimidating. Austin, on the other hand, dropped the fish filled bite of fork he was about to ingest and made his way over to the group to request the song for Darby. She watched him in anticipation and then the group motioned to Darby to come and sing it with them. Here in lies my very sorry apologies for not being able to post the video of her standing behind a microphone singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in a great restaurant in Waimea, Hawaii. However, as soon as I am able to I will! Until then I hope you enjoy some of these other photos that were taken at Thiebaud's!

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