Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Austin's Second PADI Open Water Dive

Dennis and I were lucky to dive together on this dive and although we didn't scuba with Austin's class (they were all students) we caught a glimpse of them from time to time doing their requirements for certification. Dennis caught this video on his safety stop where he was hovering at the bow of the boat at about fifteen feet for three minutes.

We enjoyed holding hands for a little while looking at all the interesting coral that was on this particular mooring called Air Tanks. It reminded me somewhat of the reef at Garden Eels because of how the whole wall stretching closer and closer to shore was covered with a plethera of varieties of coral and life. >This is a drop off shelf where the coral ends and deep sea begins. We like to keep a lookout that direction from time to time because once in a while you might see whales, sharks, mantas, or other large fish swim by.

Dennis and I hung back from the other four divers in our group, they were even less experienced than we are and one even swum directly on top of me pushing me towards the coral below. (I was a little irked) but that's what happens when you don't know how to properly control your buoyancy. After that I kept even farther distance between myself and the guide, not to worry , we made it back on the boat or you wouldn't be reading this.

Here are a few pictures that Dennis was able to capture on the first dive at Lone Tree Arch. There was a significant surge today which inhibited their ability to scuba through Suck 'em Up which is a short swim away. They did swim through the lone arch there.

After returning to the dive shop Dennis thought it would be funny to video me. I wasn't in a very happy mood at the time. Vacation doesn't always mean that you are exhuberant all of the time right?? Enjoy my moment of irritation!

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