Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Honu Haven

One of our most beloved creatures to see are the green sea turtles known as Honu here in the islands. I'm not sure why but they are simply captivating creatures. I spent probably ten minutes just hanging out with this particular turtle.
They are not afraid of people and sometimes can be a little curious about you. This one was just hungry but it was fun to watch it eat the grasses that grow on the lava rocks and then surface for a second to catch a breath of fresh air and then head back down for more yummy algae!

This next shot I dove down closer to the turtle because I noticed what I think is some type of a wrasse fish hanging out underneath the turtle, maybe he was looking for sloppy seconds?

Darby had already swum back to shore so I made sure to take lots of pictures hoping to get a few nice shots for her to view later. I can't wait to get home and work on the digital imaging of them all. I hope that you all can experience a little bit through the captured lens! Next time you are all invited to join us right!

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