Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Aftermath

The second consecutive day of two confined water dives for Austin was extremely tiring for my little guy. At one point he felt to exhausted to continue. He was tremendously motivated to finish (after a little pep talk from dad reminding him of how much money might be coming out of his allowance). Knowing he only had three or four exercises to finish, with overbearing parenting he trudged through the last bit and was finished with all of the class and confined water dives at five o'clock.

We then had reservations to try a place here called Roy's at six with about a forty-five minute drive back to our townhouse to quickly change and dash out the door to get there within the remaining fifteen. When Dennis, Darby, Austin and I all look pretty much like Darby's photo here,
it seemed like mission impossible and we might have had to make alternate plans. But we were all able (in say five minutes) to get dressed and sprint out the door.

The food was phenomenal. It had beautiful presentations, good service and Ahi seared rare just how I like it! Austin and Dad both had the macademia nut crusted Mahi Mahi and Darby with an unusual twist opted for the pasta Alfredo. We finished off the meal with a scrumptious chocolate souffle, easily probably one of the best I've had! By now the time had lingered on to about eight o'clock and Austin's fatigue was clearly beginning to set in. The tell tail signal to mom and dad that he has reached his limit is when his hands begin to finger their way through the hair atop his head.

It was bed time...the good thing he slept in 'till 9:30am!

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