Thursday, December 25, 2008

Today's Beach - Waialea

My job while traveling is photography, not that I mind next to scuba diving it is my other favorite past-time!
This is the view towards the north end of Waialea beach. It was one of the best beaches we have been to so far. It was fairly secluded and the beach itself is lined with pine trees that reach out towards the ocean with arm-like branches to hang towels on and shade spots for families to rest.

This incredible fallen tree had been weathered by the sea so much it looked like a piece of sculpture separating the north and southern part of the beach.

Ahhh....Holding hands! See, my kids really do LOVE each other!

Monkey see... Monkey do...

Darby liked the surf!

She also is more partial to the sand than the sea.
Austin, on the other hand, would rather spend all of his time in the ocean! Here he was trying to body surf back into shore.
Dennis too, would rather be in the ocean than on the sand.
SPLASH!!!!!! Do you see the grin on that boy's face?!

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