Sunday, January 30, 2011


Dear readers,
I'm excited to post that I have officially moved my blog to my own website.

There you will find my blog for everyday fun, a blog of recipes, a blog of crafting, and photo galleries galore. Soon I will redirect this blog there.

Thanks for following and I hope to see you on my personal domain!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scuba Queen

I haven't forgotten to post anything... I just haven't had any time!

During our trip to Bali and Wakatobi I took over 7000 photos and I'm currently working on all of that to add here and on my new smugmug account that I recently began. Here is a short snippet of me getting my camera gear ready for one of our many dives in Wakatobi.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Renegade Octopus

Still working on my own videos and photos from our trip, but my good friend just shared this amazing footage of a renegade video camera snatching octopus and I had to post it here too!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Glasses!

Not only is Darby losing teeth this year, her eyesight has gone too! She got her brand new glasses today and was very excited to try them out. She continually raised and lowered them to inspect the difference between vision with the corrective lenses and without. She didn't realize how much they would help until she put them on! If she didn't already seem so grown up and in second grade to me before, the addition of glasses especially these very sleek and modern frames, certainly makes me realize my baby is not a baby anymore!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Memories I'm Thankful For... Depicting the Decade Pt. 1

After reading a few of my dear friends blogs today, I began to feel nostalgic about this past decade. So many things our family has seen and done have blessed and enriched our lives beyond measure. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and post a few of my favorite moments captured on film of our family's adventures since the beginning of 2000. Some of these images speak for themselves and I will let them stand alone. There are a few however that might require subtitles, as it were, to guide you through a few of my precious gifts of time. I am very thankful for all of the many people and friendships that have accompanied these past ten years and I hope the next ten are as memorable and perhaps maybe not so quick!
Our beautiful Darbydoll!

First Halloween together.
A moment from the many Disneyland trips. This is my favorite float from the Main Street Electrical Parade.
Darby's first Christmas.
One of our first trips to Leland Meadows to sled down the hills and get cozy in the soft powder.
Fun... with a box!
I love his smile!
"These are my favorite chips mom! Want one?"
Gopher Hunting!
Big brother, Austin, takes Darby for her first ride on Indian. Grandpa and Grandma's horse that they loan out to the Sheriffs Posse.
I'm SOOOOO excited!!!! Dressed in Sunday Best!
You want me to smile?
Am I Smiling?
How 'bout now?
This time?
What? More pictures... My cheeks hurt!
Me and my girl!
Me and my guy!
A trip to the Oakland zoo with great friends from pre-school!
Would d'ya look at that!
You are here...
Surprise 5th birthday party for Austin!
Happy in our first home! (That we bought!)
Look ma, no teeth!
My first time skiing...
Dennis' and my first time on the slopes...
Okay, as I read back over it, I had to give a caption to each and every moment. Oh well, that's me I suppose.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in California

The last two Christmases our family has called the Kona coast of Hawaii our home. This year was the first that we spent with family here in California and we found ourselves at Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas Eve where, to the kid's shock and awe, Santa Claus arrived with a bag of toys for the kids to unwrap.
"A right jolly old elf..."
It was fun to have our special guest that evening where we spent dinner with family and friends opening gifts and enjoying company and conversation that we have missed in years past. We left around eight o'clock in order for us to get home and for the kids to settle in their beds for a long winter's nap! Santa still had things to do while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads!
The next morning the kids awoke to a wonderment of gifts. Darby shows off her new pink and purple wrapping of her leg. It should heal quickly, despite her one-legged-ness she hops around the entire house because it is faster than the use of crutches.
I awoke to breakfast in bed... which is probably one of my favorite gifts of the day! Daddy and the kids had spent the morning making bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuits and for me a cup of hot apple cider. I love my family! After breakfast we all set out to the living room to sift through the pile of gifts under the tree.
Darby began the unwrapping with the first present and she was determined not to rip the paper because it was so pretty. She really wanted to keep it. We were all to impatient at this request and let her know whether or not she ripped it, it was still headed for the garbage.
She was happy to get a few gifts to make cards with mommy, using her OWN supplies!
Dennis was surprised to find a new quick shot camera to use while we travel to Bali this spring. I was happy to receive all of my underwater camera gear for my Nikon D300 including a new fish eye lens, strobes, dome lens, macro lens and housing. I am going to be donning my new 5mm wet suit soon and diving in the pool to get used to all of the amazing work I'll be able to photograph. I just have to be familiar with all of the gadgetry and the use underwater before I make any real dives.
Austin got some new books, including one on King Tut, that he had asked for. He also received a video camera as he had been asking to make videos with his friends.
Dennis was famously displaying his "naughty" cap all day...
Darby was excited to find a lizard she named Gary from her very good friend Ru.
They opened a gift from my sister and brother which turned out to be...
no less than...
a scuba diving nutcracker! I don't know where she found that one but I'm impressed!
My stocking was stuffed with...
and more socks! I think Santa knew I was in short supply!
Dennis found himself a naughty nerd... We all had a fantastic day!

The day before Dennis and I spent the morning and afternoon making my grandmama's fudge and my mother's recipe of almond toffee. Austin got caught this evening with his hand in the "cookie" refrigerator jar!

Yummmy! Happy Holidays!