Friday, January 1, 2010

Memories I'm Thankful For... Depicting the Decade Pt. 1

After reading a few of my dear friends blogs today, I began to feel nostalgic about this past decade. So many things our family has seen and done have blessed and enriched our lives beyond measure. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and post a few of my favorite moments captured on film of our family's adventures since the beginning of 2000. Some of these images speak for themselves and I will let them stand alone. There are a few however that might require subtitles, as it were, to guide you through a few of my precious gifts of time. I am very thankful for all of the many people and friendships that have accompanied these past ten years and I hope the next ten are as memorable and perhaps maybe not so quick!
Our beautiful Darbydoll!

First Halloween together.
A moment from the many Disneyland trips. This is my favorite float from the Main Street Electrical Parade.
Darby's first Christmas.
One of our first trips to Leland Meadows to sled down the hills and get cozy in the soft powder.
Fun... with a box!
I love his smile!
"These are my favorite chips mom! Want one?"
Gopher Hunting!
Big brother, Austin, takes Darby for her first ride on Indian. Grandpa and Grandma's horse that they loan out to the Sheriffs Posse.
I'm SOOOOO excited!!!! Dressed in Sunday Best!
You want me to smile?
Am I Smiling?
How 'bout now?
This time?
What? More pictures... My cheeks hurt!
Me and my girl!
Me and my guy!
A trip to the Oakland zoo with great friends from pre-school!
Would d'ya look at that!
You are here...
Surprise 5th birthday party for Austin!
Happy in our first home! (That we bought!)
Look ma, no teeth!
My first time skiing...
Dennis' and my first time on the slopes...
Okay, as I read back over it, I had to give a caption to each and every moment. Oh well, that's me I suppose.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I so enjoyed seeing your photos of your and your family! We just adore all of you!


diving Boracay said...

Those are wonderful photos of your family. You all look happy. God bless!