Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Tommy Bahama Incident

Yesterday afternoon we had lunch at Tommy Bahamas in Mauna Lani. We had eaten there many times because they have great bread and spiced butter, coconut shrimp, and pina-colada cake for dessert. That really covers all of the food groups for me (the rest of the menu isn't too bad either)! Anyway we stop in for a leisurely bite before we had plans for the afternoon and manta dive that you see posted below.
Unfortunately service was less than stellar and it seemed that we waited forever for any part of our meal to arrive. Then the server spilled a huge plate of food directly by and into Dennis. Our lunch meals finally arrived after almost forty five minutes of waiting and thus we had almost all finished our drinks that had been brought by earlier. So as our server was strolling by (a rare moment this day) we mentioned to please get Austin one more guava juice as his had been exhausted fifteen minutes prior to his meal. We again lingered around eating our meals with no water to spare.
Finally after eating all we could muster into our guts she came around with the bill and another guava juice for Austin he then quickly put the straw to his lips and swallowed a huge gulp of his favorite nectar. Sputtering, choking, gagging, spitting then ensued....why you ask? We did to. Thinking perhaps it was just a more bitter or maybe less than par Dennis sipped the concoction to find that, in fact, it was guava juice and vodka on the rocks. I immediately notified the manager on duty that her server had just served my son alcohol. Dennis and I were furious! I just couldn't believe it! After a lengthy discussion with her she did help the situation slightly by decreasing our bill, but not by much, I think a mistake like that should have rendered lunch on the house, but that's just my opinion.
On the way home we inquired of Austin what he thought of his brush with an alcoholic beverage to which he responded,"That stuff is nasty, why would anyone ever want to burn their esophagus on purpose,
I mean what's the point?" I asked him if he would ever try it again and to my delight he replied, "Heck no!"
Maybe a lesson learned from experience is more persuasive than a lesson taught only by warnings. Anyway that was our Tommy Bahama incident. I even went back to capture some pictures of the now infamous site!

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