Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Forever Blowing Bubbles!

Austin's second day of class and pool instruction for his open water dives was a very long day. He has yet to perfect all of the exercises that they are required to now in the open ocean rather than the confinement of a pool. The great thing about where he is training for this aspect of PADI certification is that they have a Plexiglas enclosure that you can watch persons learning the joys of scuba. This picture is of Austin learning/trying to pivot with his flippers on the bottom and raising and lowering the rest of his body just by using buoyancy control with his lungs ideally but most likely by inflating and deflating his BCD.

He also turned to face me just in time to click the picture.
He looks like an underwater spaceman with all that gear on him!
But he his happy and comfortable in the water and with most of the gear. Check him out blowing bubbles in this clip! This is for DEAN!!!! He is taking after you! (His instructor slightly scolded him afterward just because in certain situations it isn't really safe. Although in the pool and showing off for mom and dad and Darby it was hilarious). I wish I were 10 again!

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