Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scuba Serenity

Yesterday we stepped off the airplane and headed straight to the Big Island Divers dive shop. Darby was deliberate in her decision of dive suit. She happily tried on a barney purple wet suit followed by a plethora of masks and fins. We would be snorkeling with her during most of the dives. Dennis and I had dove before with this outfit and truly enjoy the camaraderie of instructors and people so there really wasn't any question that we would again allow them to share their passion for diving with our family. By the end of these two weeks they all will feel like part of our ohana!
Austin got outfitted for his gear for his first dive enthusiastic about today's first experience. He dove to a depth of 44 feet his first dive and did a few of the required skills like clearing his mask, dropping his regulator and retrieval then removal of water from the regulator. He was AMAZING. Equalization on the way down was probably the most difficult part and as soon as he had some experience on the first dive with that his second dive seemed to go much more smoothly. He is excited to go again! Here is Dennis and Austin on the second dive! Hang Loose! Austin and his dive instructor Dean on the way down to see the fish!
Darby, Austin and I on the boat in anticipation of our first dive of the day! Darby is sporting her new zebra print swimming suit...she said she looked like the zebra fish! It's scuba camouflage!
Austin diving all by himself!
The scuba tank probably weighed more than he did!
Dennis in all his gear! Happy to be diving again!
Dennis was master of the camera this time here are a few of his photos of fish that we could see.

ME! Diving has become a passion and I want to learn more and more. I dove the first dive and I was able to dive to a depth of 63 feet for 61 minutes! I unfortunately forgot to grab a camera and Murphy's law ruled the dive where I saw a large moray, red octopus or, in Hawaiian, tako, a crowned starfish and a leopard fish camouflaged in sand on the bottom. Scuba is serene and tranquil because it is simply silence.

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