Saturday, December 27, 2008


The view of Mount Hualalai not shrouded in clouds is rare. It proved to be a beautiful day full of sunshine and crystal clear water!

We awoke early this morning (I even gave myself time to make bacon and eggs) knowing our day would be full with a two-tank boat dive. After breakfast we quickly bundled all of our gear we are now accumulating. I now own fabulous aqualung fins, boots, gloves, and a great mask as Dennis does now as well. We are enjoying the perks of having our own gear rather than renting.

The kids now have a few items as well, mainly just to help them snorkel in any location without having to rent anything.

Our first dive site of today was a place called "Spaceship." Known for its proximity to large pinnacles that jet up from the ocean floor and caves that were created by lava that cooled in the ocean it was a beautiful place to dive. This photo is of the largest pinnacle that we investigated.
Darby and I were able to snorkel around a couple of the large pinnacles that rose to almost five feet from the surface. We would swim around each of the pinnacles looking for interesting varieties of fish.

Half way through the dive we spotted Dennis and Austin scuba diving below us with Dean their guide.
This is a photo of Dean and Austin when Darby and I saw snorkeling from above.
It is amazing to watch Austin become more and more comfortable with diving and each time he sees something new his desire to dive increases dramatically.

Dennis and I are now both Nitrox certified and here is a picture of Dennis as Darby and I spied him from above. You can see the difference in the regular air tank and Nitrox by the large green and yellow distinguishing band on the tank.

This dive he was able to see a few bottle-nosed dolphins, octopus, eels!

Dolphins were an extra treat as they are not commonly seen during dives. Dennis was able to see what is called a frog fish!

They are so well camouflaged that you could swim by one without even knowing!

Austin and Dean Scuba Diving Spaceship!

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