Thursday, December 25, 2008

Riding the Waves

The kids really enjoyed this beach. There were enough breaks along the rocky shore to lesson the surge that would launch us into the beach. Since it was about a ten minute hike after a thirty minute four wheel drive over mounds of volcanic lava, the beach was practically void of people. We had an entire cove all to ourselves and the weather was pleasant enough to stay in the water for hours. Austin and I enjoyed a snorkel early on but after swells began to get larger we stayed closer to shore and Dennis went out by himself to enjoy the wild life. Darby wasn't too sure of the surf but after a few rides into the beach she was convinced that it was all worth the risk! She spent most of the day, like always, playing in the sand until her suit bottom was so full of sand that she required a dip in the warm water. It was nearly impossible after that to have her vacate the sea so that we could make our way back up the all terrain vehicle only road and come home for lunch.

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