Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Garden Eel Cove

Where to Darby?

Today we dove with Big Island Divers on a two tank evening dive. Captain Russ was with us again,

he has been exceptional with our family and helping with our sometimes finicky Darby. Thanks Russ!

Yep, this is what he has to put up with...

Luke was our dive master again, he is very knowledgeable with scuba in general but also in many of the fish that are endemic to this region and has a great knack for spotting ones that might not be seen.

He's also a really nice guy and I think he's somewhat famous for his sense of humor in the shop! :) The first dive I scuba dove with the group and Austin dove with his own instructor, Mike, to explore the cove. It was a very interesting site as it looked more similar to the vivid coral and reef fish that animate the "Finding Nemo" story. Where the coral ends at the "drop off" the sea bed is sandy and covered in string like eels that burrow into the sand but allow their heads to sway with the sea and resemble long blades of grass that need a good trim. I dove to a depth of 83 feet and traveled back and forth along the reef spotting a different variety of fish than I had seen at many other sites. Although it was overcast and somewhat rainy on the surface, the reef and sea were crystal clear and you wouldn't think that the sun wasn't shining brightly above us. I didn't bring the camera this dive because we were saving battery life for Dennis' dive. This is the same cove where later this evening we were able to experience the Manta Ray Dive again. After watching a beautiful sunset from the boat everyone geared up for the night manta dive.

Dennis scuba dove the night dive this time and was able to capture some better images and video on our small portable mini-reef camera. There was a terrible amount of surge that was thrashing all of the divers back and forth amongst the lava rocks they typically just sit and enjoy the show. Despite the unruly conditions Dennis managed to capture a pretty decent film of Vinny Ray who greeted the divers with a wide mouthed smile!

On the way up Dennis and Mike spotted a cuttle fish and he caught a quick shot of that as well.
After a long day of shopping then diving the inevitable sleepiness crept into the car ride home, unfortunately the ailment affected only Austin.

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