Friday, April 24, 2009

Surreal Sunset

Hawaii is the place, well compared to Oakdale, for surreal sunsets. Although this was not taken this particular trip, it was taken north of Kona. I think this was taken from a scenic overlook while driving to Waimea... Actually, I might have just made Dennis pull over where ever we happened to be along the highway because I couldn't miss this setting... As I'm sitting here typing  actually we might not have stopped at all now that I think a little bit more on this subject. Because there was this one sunset that was so amazing I made him roll down the back window behind him and I took the picture from the front passenger side of the car aiming my lens through the back window because had he found an appropriate place to stop we might have missed it all together! One of my favorite sunsets ever!!!

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The Garff family said...

Gorgeous! Jealous that you were there and that you saw it. You also certainly have a great eye for photography. xoxo Jen