Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Amazing Manta Videos from our Dive Easter Sunday

Dennis kept getting hit by the 21 manta rays that came to feed Easter Sunday, it was amazing which is why we took so many different video shots. There are a few cameos of me ducking a few times to get out of the way of the sublime creatures who are docile and gorgeous. The way they feed is like a ballet. They will do barrel rolls back into the lights that illuminate and attract the zillions of plankton these filter feeders eat. There is even a shot where Dennis films a manta come from behind him and you can see through the gills the actual filter membrane. It is awesome. I hope you all enjoy our dark water dive to see these amazing animals. The largest that was there has about a sixteen foot wingspan and her name is Big Bertha. Each manta has a distinct spot pattern on its belly, that, like a fingerprint distinguishes one from another. We were lucky to have aboard Big Island Divers Martina, who films and studies these mantas and can identify each by name. I hope to list the names when we get our video that she filmed while we were diving.

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