Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Favorite Place on Earth

So happy to be back and diving! Wish my eyes were open though...

I think if I could have chosen to be a fish, or a whale, or a shark, or anything that glides, darts, and lives in the depths of warm tropical waters; I might have chosen to be one of the many beautiful creatures that call coral reefs their home.

Today we spent the morning making our way out to a mooring called
Point. It is an aquatic sanctuary so tropical fisheries cannot take any of the many species that live here and thus you are able to see many more interesting species of fish here compared to other dive sites. Along the Kona coast there are around 115 mooring for scuba diving sites.
This dive was the first in our advanced diving instructions. It is the deep water dive we dove to a depth of 130 feet to feel the effects-if any- of nitrogen narcosis which neither of us were able to feel. (That is a good thing.) The coral stops at about 70 feet and the drop off leads out to the open sea. Once in a while it is good to look out over into the depths as you could happen upon a shark, whale, or in our case this dive we encountered an eagle ray. Dennis was able to capture a few really great pictures.

Diving has become a passion for me. It is something that I have always wanted to try and do and now I want to dive more and more every time we go out and see something new.

The best part about diving is that Dennis too, enjoys the dives and we have become closer while participating together in this pastime.

Here are a couple of Dennis diving comfortably at Pawai Bay.

The bubbles from his scuba on this one make him look Bug-Eyed :)

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