Saturday, April 11, 2009

2nd Home Sweet Kona!

We arrived yesterday to Kona around three in the afternoon Hawaii time. First things first we immediately set out to check in and put our luggage away. The condo's we are trying this vacation are called the Kona Coast Resort. I found myself unable to take pictures right away because all of my photography equipment was still packed neatly away. I will add more photos of the unique property before we leave.

We got situated as quickly as we could because we were anxious to get to the dive shop before it closed. Big Island Divers were expecting us to dive with them Saturday morning and we needed to check in and rent wet suits/BCD's/regulators and dive computers and also set everything needed for a nitrox dive that we were planning on as well.

The weather was quite chilly and wet, low to mid-70's, and rainy, not very pleasant for Hawaii vacationers but since we weren't planning anything that Friday evening it wasn't vacation plan altering in any way.

As we were driving down the highway towards the dive shop Dennis asked what I might like to eat for dinner, as after a long flight and traveling it seems I always get famished, just at that particular moment we past a restaurant called "La Bourgogne."
I spotted it and said "let's go there." After we returned from the dive shop we found restaurant right where I'd left it just south of mile marker 119 and inquired within whether or not we could enjoy dinner in their company. >
To our delight there was room and we were seated right away. It is a small and intimate place that has perhaps a total of seven or eight tables.

We were seated after an older couple who seemed to know the place well were greeted as locals who frequented often, then Dennis and I were seated in a small booth adjacent to theirs, not too long after we arrived a group of five also were seated at a table near us. While Dennis and I were both perusing the menu I kept overhearing other patrons inquiring whether the osso bucco veal shank was available to which the answer was "indeed." When asked to what we would like to order I knew I must try this osso bucco that everyone was discussing. I'm contemplating reheating the rest of it while writing because my mouth is watering just thinking about how delicious it was. I still hadn't unpacked my camera but knowing I wanted to return for pictures I requested that perhaps I could and to my delight the matron happily agreed to allow me access later this week.

I happened to pick up a budget friendly tri-fold menu on our way out and on the back the happy little discovery is described
"Located just 3 miles south of Kailua-Kona, this small, intimate restaurant makes you think you might be at a delightful french country inn. Chef/Owner Ron Gallaher is a classically trained French cook -- a dying breed of those who have French cooking in their very veins, and it shows in everything that comes from his kitchen. The food has soul, character and an honesty one rarely sees today."
I couldn't agree more! This place is a gem.

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