Friday, April 17, 2009

Food Feast at Roy's Fusion from Monday

I have food on my mind...

Let's go out to eat!

There are so many fabulous restaurants to eat on the big island that sometimes it is hard to choose where to go. Dennis and I have particular taste for fine food and more specifically delicious fish. We often look to our friends at Big Island Divers to recommend some more locally known places rather than the restaurants that are frequented by vacationers. At least being somewhat seasoned travelers to this island we know many of these and on Monday evening we traveled to Waikaloa just north of Kona to eat at Roy's.

Now we've eaten here before and it was much enjoyed and the food was interesting in variety and flavor. So we decided to come back. After about five dives behind us on Monday, Sunday was our night dive and all we ate was a subway sandwich, I was in anxious anticipation of this nights faire. Smartly enough I even had the presence of mind to grab the camera to take pictures of the delicious treats.
Edemame served warm with a slightly spicy oil drizzled over these favorites of my kids.
We ordered a platter of three or four different appetizer teasers and we were so hungry that we ate all but the egg rolls by the time I remembered to take a picture. Yes, the rest of the food on the plate was just as exotic looking and wonderfully tasty.
I ordered mahi mahi seared rare that was accompanied with pineapple and port infused tapioca. It was just the right amount of sweet salty and sour. I think I ate the whole plate.

Dennis ordered the trio of entrees including rare seared ahi, which is usually my choice, and kona kampachi. His dish too was wonderfully flavored and he enjoyed his dinner as much as I did mine.
This, however, is the reason we came back to Roy's. They have a chocolate souffle (that I consider more of a lava cake than a true souffle) in any case it is so rich that it probably has like 3000 calories all on it's own. Add to that raspberry sauce and some vanilla ice cream to cut through the deep chocolate and you have one of my favorite desserts.
At the end of the dinner and directly across from Roy's is a gallery that I always like to visit. I found some new artists there that were particularly impressive to me and inspiration I find in these places goes home with me and hopefully into my own art work.

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