Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy Mackerel!

As we were diving Pawai Bay a very large school of mackerel came flying by us divers as some of us were down slope and some were up above. I was down slope and shot pictures of the mackerel swimming through our group of divers up the coral reef from me. I almost wondered if they were being chased by something bigger. But we didn't see any tiger sharks, hammerheads, or barracuda following so we could breathe easy.

The scuba diving sport allows for you to make many new friends. The diver in these shots is a gentleman by the name of Brent. He was really fun to dive with and since you are on a boat for at least four or five hours for a two tank dive it enables you the opportunity to really get to know some other people who enjoy diving as much as you do. I always get e-mails so that we can share our experiences and photos of dives that we were able to enjoy together. I think this trip I collected nearly ten diverse e-mails and information.

That is another great aspect of diving with Big Island Divers. They are always so friendly with their customers that many of the divers that begin to dive with them come back year after year and become semi local to Kona, but become family to Big Island. They are fabulous!!!

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