Monday, April 20, 2009

Carousel Mooring Dive Site Monday April 12th

This particular mooring is also along the Pawai Bay aquatic sanctuary and is called such because of the formation of a cave that resembles the way a carousel looks. You enter one side of the cave and go around the center support and out the other side.
There are I took a quick pic of Vinny our dive master for this structure and also of an opening to the lava tube that was directly overhead and about two or three feet across that went straight to the surface and the jagged lava rocks overhead. I was also able to capture a few more photos of some fun fish that intrigue me the parrot fish, who, for what ever reason is excessively camera shy and always darts away from my lens. I finally got at least one of him. Another fish I came across this time that perhaps didn't catch my attention any other time was the peacock grouper. This "roi" as the Hawaiians call it was very pleased to have his picture taken. No sooner had I taken one, he assumed that perhaps I would like a glimpse of his other side!

Black and white is no more uninteresting than the brightly colored and marked of the most prized fish in my opinion. the Hawaiian dascyllus is one of these fish. Their black and white markings fade as they grow into maturity but as juvenile fish they are simply striking. 

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