Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Short and Sweet Videos from Manta Dive

I thought this was a good short video just to illustrate how DARK it really is during this dive. While it isn't that dark right around the "campfire" (where all the divers gather with a large light to attract the plankton and mantas) everywhere else you turn is pitch black. With that in mind, Dennis and I are here specifically for more scuba certifications and this particular dive we were both required to swim using a compass for navigation with only our dive light to guide us. We swam separately, yep, ALONE out into the dark pacific ocean with a compass heading of due north for a distance of around one-hundred feet or so. For me that is about twenty kick cycles (how I time my distance), then we had to find the reciprocal heading and return. Mind you there are currents and waves surges and such, however we were both able to return to almost our exact starting position, within about six feet! I was very proud of this accomplishment.

This is the start of the manta show, we had just returned to the group after finishing some requirements for our certification. Notice all of the scuba diver bubbles everywhere and how one manta becomes two then three and then more and more!

Although I like to be the star of the show... :) The manta clearly is!

Dennis got his cameo briefly in this short spot.

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