Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Manta Mania

As you await the flying albatross of the sea, the manta ray, you find a nice hard rock with few urchins upon it to sit down and watch the dance about to begin. When from out of the depths below you think you see a large silver-ish grey creature glide through the water coming closer and closer you sit as still as possible in the sand and lava hoping that it is indeed a manta and not something with slightly more teeth. When indeed it makes it's appearance it is majestic and glorious. Then as more appear to feed upon the plentiful plankton that tickle your cheeks, lips, hands, and anything that isn't covered their dance becomes delightfully more exhilarating. This is one of my favorite dives because despite the fact that it is pitch black in the pacific, when an enormous manta basically flies over your head and kisses it briefly with a wing of a cephalic fin or tail, it is like being touched by an angel.

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