Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Impromptu Photo Shoot

Dennis loves to take pictures of me. I love to be the subject...as long as the photos turn out AMAZING or mostly amazing. After having two children and not having that teen-age or twenty something perfect body it is hard to feel confident and beautiful about yourself. I wish for many people including me that that wasn't the case. After our manta dive we came back to the condo and got ready for a night out at Kenichi's, an Asian fusion restaurant which was, by the way, delicious. In any case we both got dressed and decided to have this brief photo session proving that the only things I own are not just sweats and work out clothing.

I also had to take a few of my handsome husband. He is particularly fond of the "zoolander" pose but once in a while I'll catch him in a GQ moment!
He is holding the pink shell Darby asked us to bring along "to remember her" on our trip.


n&e.asay said...

hey sis, your pics are adorable :D
its funny, ive been watching americas next top model for the past two days (marathon) haha
but you know how addicted to photo editing i am, so i played with your pics, im going to send them to your email :D
love ya

Heather said...

You look the same as I remember you! Haven't aged a bit! And I haven't seen you in probably 13years... Keep having fun...are the kids with you?