Saturday, January 31, 2009

Landscape Photography at 80mph

Although I love the beauty of landscape, I don't consider myself very good at capturing the elegance of boulders, deserts, vast tropic waters, or other typical scenes one might find at a Peter Lik gallery. Especially when considering that he has trained in the field of photography for years and understands all of the delicate nuances that lighting, exposure, film speed and so on can make on the final concept. I wish I had that talent, but until then, here are some photos that I took my with a window rolled down, my husband at the wheel, driving past gorgeous formations of rocks and mountains near St. George, Utah. Oh, and as the title mentions...we never stopped to get that perfect shot...these were all taken speeding past at about 80mph!!! Maybe if I had a moment, I might get better at this?

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