Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Forgot...I Won!!!!

I neglected to mention on my very first blog of our vacation that I won a contest! Whenever you fly United Airlines to Hawaii to pass some of the time, the attendants pass out fliers from Hilo Hatties (a big Hawaiian gift shop) with a coupon attached. Above that coupon is a form to fill out with your guess down to the second of what time the flight will be exactly half way to Hawaii. I've tried this before and had never come close...I've also never had a trusty calculator with me. After we were airborne the pilot came over the loud speaker to announce our flight time, speed, tail wind, and what time we took off. Accordingly I tried to determine the correct equation to formulate an estimate. I did and my calculations seemed somewhat flawed as I looked at the time. We took off at about 7:30am-ish and my guess concluded that we would reach the half-way mark at 9:15:45. That meant that we would be half way in two hours and fifteen minutes give or take. I really wasn't sure, because it seemed flawed due to the fact that it was such a short interval in my mind. However, I determined to trust my mathematics and turned in my time.
Before landing that attendants had run through all of the passengers guesses and they came over the speaker announcing that Amelia in seat 2H had guessed the time of 9:15 and 45 seconds with one of the closest half-way times they had ever seen, it was within 5 seconds of the actual time. I was amazed, dazed, shocked, and REALLY??? My math worked??? Imagine that. You want proof...
Here is my tag with the 1st place written on it and the actual time of 9:15:50! And this is what I won.

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