Monday, January 12, 2009

Battered and Bruised

Our trip was completely full of fabulosity and fun. (No, that's not a real word, but I'm using it anyway.) It was also not void of the occasional calamity. Unfortunately most of those ailments befell Dennis. Maybe it was having the two kids with us, maybe luck and good fortune had mishaps in store for their own amusement, maybe it is just a guy thing, whatever the case may have been; poor Dennis had the tragedy of incurring all injuries and with that the right to claim pity from the rest of us.
Upon our arrival his middle toe was finally healing after breaking it about a month ago. During our trip to Makalawena beach on Christmas Day, Dennis while holding the video, towel, camera, tried to save the small kick board as a large wave dislodged it from my grip and sent it down current.

He managed with all he was balancing not to drop anything into the drink and saved the drifting board he was then broadsided by a wave that pushed him into an outcropping of volcanic rocks and thereby breaking the toe adjacent to the somewhat healed one.

Another day we were out at Pu'uhonua o Honaunau near the Place of Refuge and Dennis set out to snorkel off the rocks aptly named two step as it is almost a neatly formed volcanic formation that resembles two steps like you might see as entry into a pool. He snorkeled for a while with no problem despite the lack of flippers and herein lay his conundrum, bare feet and volcanic rock means sliced feet. OUCH!!!!

It started healing rather quickly once we bought all of the liquid band-aid there was on the whole island.

During his night dive to see the Manta Rays. That night the surge and swells had been building off the coast due to storms to the west of the island and the resulting waves were making their presence known. His dive lasted very briefly and while he was being tossed about the rocks below, they happen to be covered in spiny sea urchins, yep, he got a little jab in the elbow.

On practically our last evening there, just when we thought he couldn't incur any more injury, we were sitting down to dine at the now infamous Tommy Bahama's and he broke his front tooth on the bread. He now needs to see a dentist to repair the very apparent chip in his front left incisor. At least he has a few friends in that department...

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