Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Something's in the Air...Upstairs

Despite showing any symptoms whatsoever, both my kiddoes have developed very ugly cases of strep throat. Darby briefly on Sunday complained that her tummy hurt and described similar ailments currently afflicting Doc, his complaint being that it felt like someone was stabbing him in his back and he could feel it coming through his stomach. Yesterday, on the way home after I picked her up early from school, Darby similarly described feeling like a spear was shooting through her back and stomach. (A case of monkey hear; monkey say, right?) I assumed she simply had eaten to much candy. I can't keep her grubby paws off the sugary treats.  
Later that same day Austin mentioned that his throat was sore and asked for some cold remedy to help. That evening I began to wonder if they were both perhaps really sick despite the lack of fever, tiredness, extreme pain when swallowing, or other such telltale signs that tonsillitis or strep is present. So, I, after having strep and/or tonsillitis more times than I have fingers or toes to count on, got out my flashlight and looked down the beasts' gullets! Sure enough, swollen, red, horrible looking red balls of flesh appeared and a mother's diagnosis was made followed by a concurrence by the local physician. Antibiotics were prescribed and digested later that evening. 
That means three quarters of my family are distraught with illness right at this very moment. I, however, remain unscathed thus far and hope to remain so! Perhaps I have been out of harm's way buried deep within the caverns of our basement rifling, sorting, and assembling shelving to organize the thing called chaos that resides deep within. Whatever the case may be for MY continued good health, I'm very thankful. Hopefully they, too, will feel better very soon--and I can send them both back to school!


Timid Tripper said...

What beautiful blue eyes your little girl has. She's a cutie and I can see family resemblance.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh dear ones...please feel better soon! Tis the season to get those nasty buggers that make you feel like finding a huge cave to go and hide in. Lots of love, hot herbal tea and chicken soup.