Thursday, January 1, 2009

Diving with Jack

This was our second day to dive with Jack's Diving Locker. They are a much larger outfit than Big Island Divers and there are definite pros and cons to each. If I had to choose between the two my favorite is Big Island Divers for multiple reasons, the main one being they easily make me feel like part of their ohana here on the island. Jack's was wonderful with my children and with Austin's certification process and they were able to work his requirements in during the time we would be on island.

Here I am riding the waves on the boat in sheer anticipation of the first dive of the morning. We were on the smaller of the two boats that we've experienced at Jack's and there were many, many people aboard. I personally prefer the smaller groups that I've gone out with in the past.

In any case we had a good experience with Jack's. Darby was the "co-pilot" with both captains which allowed Dennis and I to have a little more freedom to snorkel or dive as we chose.

She was aware of her duties as co-pilot and checked often on everyone aboard the vessel and then reported back to captain Doug. As she was "working" she decided that she wasn't going to snorkel, swim, or even get wet and as all six-year-old's decisions go it was a temporary situation.

THANKS DOUG! For being so awesome with my Darby Doll!
So later during the last dive, she found the steps to the water and the warm water shower as well and made good use of them.

I dove the first dive at "Disneyland" mooring it was a very interesting dive and I saw many interesting new fish I hadn't had a chance to see before. Dennis even got a couple of shots of me in my scuba gear on the surface after I did a stride entry into the ocean and then a short clip of me descending.

After the first dive we all had a break on board and had sandwiches and peanut butter oreo cookies (that was a first). Austin had done great on his third dive and was getting ready for the second when he gave me a quick lesson on the buoyancy affects of a wet suit. Jan is his instructor for his course, she is in the background.

After all that snacking everyone was ready to get back into the water, except of course, Darby. She and I decided to take a break on the bow of the boat and catch some rays. We took some snapshots of ourselves, after all it's not everyday that you find yourself on a boat in the warm Pacific Ocean moored up next to a tropical island....or do you?


Dennis dove the second of the two dives at Kaiwi Bay. Apparently it is abundant in fish life much more so than during my first dive, so I was a little jealous that we couldn't go together. I can't wait to go again, neither can Dennis at this point. Here he is in his gear and a short clip of him posing "hang loose" cause he doesn't know that I'm actually filming video :)

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