Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yep, there is a case of shingles at my house...and not the kind that reside upon a rooftop. Poor Dennis, he, again is the afflicted soul. I would often use the word "shingles" in spite of other words to describe outrage, disgust or frustration. I think I'll have to resort to my previously crafted "buggars" instead. This was the word of choice before I viewed Lara Croft, whose character stole my voice of cursing. So BUGGARS!!!! Dennis has shingles!!!! Poor baby.

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said... I heard. I hope that Dennis is on the road to recovery soon. I so know the pain and agony as I am a "lucky recipient" of those most dreadful, painful and annoying little blisters that just itch and itch like their is no tomorrow! Tell Dennis to take L-Lysine - it is an amino acid and will help keep them under control. I also take a multi B vitamin, mostly for stress. A person can get them when they have good or bad stresses. Right now I have a case of them myself. Thank God mine aren't visible.