Thursday, January 8, 2009

Toothless Grin

Crazy things happen when a dentist goes on vacation. During Austin's first dive he kept taking the regulator in and out of his mouth. He was trying to get used to how it felt to hold it between his teeth and lips. Once he felt more comfortable with it he took a giant stride into the ocean, took the regulator out of his mouth, and out popped his tooth. Eyes bulging out of their sockets he hollers "I just lost my tooth!" aimlessly looking into the waters below him that dropped to a depth of about forty feet. The dive master chuckled and replied to me, "You know, we charge extra for that..." Here is Austin post lost tooth and very happy to pose for the moment.
Then about three days before we left, Dennis, yep the dentist himself had a mishap that I will have to get to a little later... he had many mishaps that deserve their own post :)

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