Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gratitude Amidst Sorrow

Since the death of a dear friend's son I've felt the need to express my appreciation for people who serve this country in the sincerest of ways. Soldiers who leave loved ones behind, give the most precious item they have, themselves. Many willingly serve and time and time again, consistent in their determination to, one by one, make a difference in the life of another. Many of these brave few face harm but they do not run blindly into it. They know at some point they will stare down that horrific beast and they go out and do it again and again. 
I know a handful of these soldiers and I believe they go with hope in their hearts, determination in their strength, and belief in a freedom that they know allows them to choose their path. I am amazed at their generosity, at their loyalty, at the price that some must pay, and at the grief we all feel when someone is taken without our permission or understanding. Whether or not they walk back into our arms or into the hearts of people whose lives they touched with their own, they are infinitely more than heroic. 

Thank you for your sons and daughters.

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Yes, so very true. You know our story. Each and every one of of our military and service personnel should be recognized with honor. For the service they give, the sacrifices that they make and the time that they spent seperated from those that they hold closest to their hearts.