Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's Wrong with this Picture?

On our flight to Hawaii there was an article called, "The Voyage of the 'Junk'" on the in-flight magazine provided by the airline. It was an intriguing read and above is a picture of the sea worthy 'Junk' which made it's voyage from California to Hawaii in an effort to raise awareness of the vast sea of plastic and its resting place in the doldrums of the Pacific ocean. The amount of trash is larger than any oil spill from any tanker, the article reveals and when dissecting fish the scientists were not surprised to find plastic in the stomachs. They blogged about the entire experience as well. Click HERE for that link. The vessel is made entirely from trash and its pontoons are filled with empty plastic bottles, if I remember correctly somewhere around 15,ooo of them! To read the article click here.   JUNK
After reading the article and as I was diving I caught glimpses of garbage on almost every dive. This was disappointing to me that so many people are unaware of the negative effects we can have on this environment. So here is my rant about helping to clean up our oceans and recycle, reuse, and reduce!
I couldn't quite figure out what this was but it is obviously man made by the shape and size of it, it resembled styrofoam but I had no idea how it came to rest on the bottom of the sea under this boulder.
Links of chain left behind at some point from a boat or old mooring.
At least this old lobster trap is now home to some coral. That made me smile a little.
Seriously, a tire! I guess that says it all, people will leave their trash just about anywhere!

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