Monday, May 11, 2009

Green Sea Turtle, the Hawaiian Honu

At Crescent Beach we had some of the greatest sightings of underwater creatures. Amongst them was this beautiful green sea turtle that leisurely swam by me and came to rest later on the ocean floor. He was beautiful and these pictures couldn't have turned out better in my opinion. I love that honu are so mellow and don't mind the presence of divers. You can get close enough to touch them (although they are protected and you shouldn't for their own safety as well as your own). Encounters such as these make diving more and more exciting because you are always guaranteed to dive with fish, you are not always guaranteed the occasional ray, shark, turtle, dolphin, whale... the list is endless. 

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Brian said...

If you're curious, this is Quasimodo, a resident green turtle of our Crescent Beach (identifiable by the large crack in his shell). So happy you got some great shots of one of our most beloved turtles. Mahalo.