Sunday, May 10, 2009

House of Blues Break-down

Cousins, Austin, Anthony and Darby. Playing while waiting it's the best way to pass the time.
High Five!
Of course, Austin, has to make silly faces in the background...
What's for dinner???
Downtown Disney is a fun place to hang out, people watch, and during the evening hours, listen to musicians bring their music and play for the passers-by. While we were waiting for dinner at the House of Blues, there was a great bluesy soul artist who got the children dancing, rocking and all around entertaining the rest of us who were anxiously awaiting a good meal with great company and music. 
Darby and Anthony were so much fun together, he loved to mimic her in so many ways!
Maybe he was a little embarrassed in this one, or just trying to figure out what dance move she was making?
Austin also got into the action! He's not a teenager yet thank goodness! I can still enjoy his playful side for a little while longer before he thinks I'm entirely uncool!
Bust a move Anthony!
We kept trying to teach him how to do "shaka" the Hawaiian "hang loose" hand sign. Since he has been taught many signs for language he's thinking about it...
Austin is so cool, but he'll still say "I love you" in his own language :)
A still moment for Darby is few and far between, so I had to capture those brief encounters!

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