Monday, May 11, 2009

Tako, Hawaiian for Octopus

Until I started diving, the only way to see fish was in an aquarium, on television, old videos of Cousteau (my favorite), in books or in photographs. This is the same for all kinds of other specimen and species that inhabit the ocean. While viewing these various media you are immediately introduced to the subject by photo or video, told what it is and entertained by the videographer or photographers' images. I never realized how difficult it is to find some of these highly camouflaged and instinctively flight oriented animals. I am now much more appreciative of the elusiveness that professional oceanographers and biologists must encounter to produce such amazing media.
Now when I come across something that is difficult to spot by untrained eyes and am able to find and photograph them I become giddy all over and can't wait to share the images as soon as I can! Here are my photos of an octopus that we came across during one of our later dives. He was less camera shy and unlike some of the others we had encountered this one hung out for a while until he, too, became wary of our presence.

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