Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keei Cafe

Finding just the perfect place to rest, relax, and enjoy great food is always the best part after diving all day. The Keei Cafe at Hokukano was just one of those sublime locations. We spent most of our dives with Captain Jim who recommended this establishment as one of his most favorite places to dine on the island. We drove quite a distance south of Kona to find it on the second floor of a building that also housed a water works place and with hardly any parking, but we got lucky and were able to find one of the few open spaces.
We walked around the building and up to the entrance in back. We were greeted immediately and seated quickly thereafter as we had reservations. The surrounding exterior opened onto lanai's which unfortunately overlooked the highway below, but the interior was enjoyable and tasteful.
This is Captain Jim's favorite, the Mango Crisp. He raved about it the entire way back to the harbor and I have to agree, Jim, it was superb! Oh, and dinner, yes it was delicious too only I forgot to take pictures and I can't remember what, in particular, we ordered.
Thanks Jim for the stand out recommendation!

We had to choose different desserts and I opted for the lilikoi (passion fruit) cheese cake with chocolate macadamia nut crust. It was undeniably rich and sweet and the presentation of each dessert was beautifully crafted.
Along with Jim, we too, would highly encourage anyone to check out this local establishment just between the 112 and 113 mile markers on Highway 11 south on Kona! Just be sure to bring cash as that is all they accept!

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