Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kiholo Bay Hiked and Photographed

Once we hiked through the wilderness of lava, brush, trees, fallen coconuts and dirt pathways we found ourselves hiking along the oceanfront. It is a patchy beach front with some black sanded areas, some hard lava rock steps and on one part the water has worn some of the lava rocks into smooth black stones and that makes up another area of beach. 
There was much to see here and the site is unique in the fact that it is fed by both the ocean inlet and by freshwater flowing from the mountains above. In 1810 King Kamehameha had built enormous stone walls nearly six feet tall and spanning over twenty feet to create a pool two miles in circumference in order to stock fish. I simply enjoyed the scenery and some of the examples of life here during different eras. I came here soon after discovering Richard Renaldi's photography of the Salton sea in California and it inspired some of my photography here. I'll let the photography talk from here...

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