Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Jedi Punks

Austin was ecstatic by the idea of Jedi training school offered over Mother's Day weekend when we took off for Disneyland. This was his idea of entertainment, not to mention the fact that we had to be there almost a half an hour before commencement so he would be sure that he'd have a better chance at being chosen!
So we sat, waiting for the show to begin... Darby didn't think she wanted to get involved with all this Jedi nonsense so she didn't volunteer, at first.
Austin was one of the first few kids to get chosen! The pictures just say it all! Look at the grin! Then they taught some Jedi light saber moves and his attitude became more serious. He really wanted to learn those skills!

Darby decided she couldn't let her brother take all the glory and she felt the force compel her to volunteer as well. They both learned the moves necessary to defeat the threat of the empire. Darth Vader and Darth Maul were both on their way to destroy the Jedi trainees and turn them to the dark side...

We shall see!

I loved the Jedi Master's comment after Darby was finished with Darth Vader, "Great job, princess! You confused him with your smile." Then it was Austin's turn to catch Darth Maul off guard. Austin was smiling deliriously the entire fight but was so serious in his attack at the same time! Dennis and I were laughing hysterically at both punks! They had a great time.

Left Shoulder,

Left Knee

Right Shoulder!

Austin really got into the action! He remembered all of the choreography taught in Jedi school, in fact, if you ask him he'll recite the movements in order and then say, "That is the first lesson of a padawan learner." He is so matter-of-fact... I love it! Darby also got to fight Darth Maul. It was hilarious because when the master said, "activate" to turn on your light saber and make it stretch out it's full length, Darby could barely get hers to creep out like one foot or so. 

You know she's thinking, "I'm a princess... I kicked butt!"

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