Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's a Deduction?


The night before her first gymnastics competition, Darby was a little bit anxious.

Luckily, we had gone early the day before to have family time at the beach. It was really relaxing drinking hot cocoa and sitting on driftwood while we watched the waves crash and surfers in black wet suits try to catch the perfect wave and ride it into the beach before they wiped out. We all took turns picking which wave would be the biggest and best.

Unfortunately the weather was freezing and my kids, since going to Hawaii last December, didn't remember that the Northern California coastline is usually cold and foggy, were somewhat frustrated that although we brought our swimming suits no one was going to set foot in the foaming green surf. And that day was particularly brisk with the wind whipping across the waves and into our already chilled cheeks. We made the best of it and walked along the coast and the little shops that are scattered around Half Moon Bay.

Austin and I got lost in an antique shop as we browsed through countless books, comics, trinkets, dishes, and coin. We probably spent an hour or more scouring through the rubbage of others. I found an antique majong board entirely intact and I wanted desperately to purchase it for Darby, who I often find on my computer completely engrossed in the game. With a price tag of $250 I quickly decided against the addition to our game cupboard.

That evening, Darby was beginning to realize that tomorrow was competition and her nerves began to sink in. I was especially surprised to see how nervous she was. After getting her settled into bed she confessed that she was scared because if she didn't perform a routine correctly, she would get a deduction. This was making her very frustrated, worried, and sleepless. I, on the other hand was exhausted and quickly tried to put her mind at ease. I conveyed the only importance of the meet was about having fun and trying your best. She assured me that she knew that already and again stated that she didn't want to get any deductions...followed by, "Mom, what's a deduction?"

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