Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Actual Sketch of Mine

About one month after having Darbydoll, as we refer to her, I had some photographs taken of me with my children. Many turned out beautifully I was able to refer to them in order to make this self portrait of me with my lovely posterity. Being my own worst critic however, it is not my favorite piece to date. There are lots of things that I would like to change and work on, but in spite of all that I've decided to share it.!
I decided after quite a long leave from drawing this would be the perfect opportunity to jump back in. So after setting my kids to bed for the evening, this was probably five years ago now, I pulled out some black and white chalk pastels and set about rendering some art. Although I know it's not the best portrait, I had so much fun sketching this piece, that I promised myself not to allow this kind of lenghthy absence from drawing again. I wish I had adhered to my conviction. I have few pieces between this one and the last piece that I will post soon. But, as both of them are anxiously involved in school, I have again committed to working on art as often as possible. We'll see how that comes along...

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