Friday, August 29, 2008

The Maui Zaui Bug

Ever since a friend introduced me to the Maui Zaui pizza from Round Table Pizza. I have been hooked. I mentioned before that Dennis and I both really enjoy Hawaii and this pizza has a distinct Hawaiian flavor about it. Not to mention the sauce they use on it I think is Tiger Sauce and for all of you LSU fans out there, you're sure to know what I mean. Well when my youngest brother came to visit about a month ago, we in turn, ordered for him the Maui Zaui pizza. He then announced that he had caught the Maui Zaui "bug."

He was very convincing in his story as he scarfed down pizza by the pool with his niece and nephew that Darby and Austin both believed that indeed there existed an insect of the species Maui Zaui. My children, the little darlings, were so sincere and concerned about the terrifying Maui Zaui Bug they wouldn't dare go outside unless they were satisfied that although it might exist, none would molest them. Dennis and I allowed the little charade to continue as long as it could. It was humbling to witness their perspective of the world around them as they were held captive by the perspective given to them by adults.

Eventually they caught on as whenever we spoke of the "bug" sometime later a pizza would arrive. Now, as they crave their own pizza, the discovery of a yet unidentified cheese "bug" has appeared.

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