Friday, August 22, 2008

Taxi Driver

I've had the happy pleasure of transporting my children to and from school these past two-and-a-half weeks. Some people might view this chore as a constant and recurring dismal fight of let's say three rounds. Round one; try to be in line first. This will then allow you to beat the other four hundred parents also making the mad dash to drop off or pick up and get on with life. Round two; scurry upstream through the sea of round boisterous faces cascading through the gates trying to remember what clothing you sent your child to school in that day. Round three; once you've located one child if you have two, like me, you're still scouring the seemingly endless parade of children until the last few scamper out. Those last two are, or at least have most often been, my son and some other jovial child happy that their day has ended. Round three; all the parents who have cordially met each other while waiting for their children, quickly and methodically round up their brood say their goodbyes and rush back to their awaiting vehicles to sprint home or to after school activities only to be stalled by the interruption of crossing guards who consistently stop your vehicle and never the one behind you. Although it seems actually that most parents accept it as such an unpleasant task, I particularly enjoy both times of the day.

I find it amusing to watch parents, who arrive with a coffee mug still firmly attached to the hood of a car, exit to rescue the joe still steaming in it's container and then half forgetting direct their children out of the car to enter the school gates. I enjoy the entertainment provided by parents who slyly maneuver and shove their car in front of another just to be halted by the crossing guard. Then there are those who hastily fling their SUV in the drive making a left before those of us who are patiently awaiting a right turn into the same drop off area, only to be jilted by those of us who inwardly smirk and laugh as we pass them by without allowing them to exit as hastily as they entered.

Is everyone really so self absorbed that a ten minute car ride to drop off or pick up children is more work than they signed up for? I used to drive more than thirty minutes to allow my children to attend another facility. I wonder what these parents would do with themselves then? I'm not saying that I am never in a hurry, I certainly enjoy the time I escape to after my children are safe at school and I am definitely on a tight schedule when I go to pick them up. I've probably even been one of those that "inadvertently" cut someone off, and if so, I'm sorry!

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