Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not so Helpful Hands

From time to time I am asked by friends and family to create cards to send for different occasions. I finally have a studio in my basement, aptly named the dungeon, as it has no windows. However, I can close the door and leave the mess lie as it may without fear of little hands getting into my works in progress.

This past week I have been working on invitations for a baby shower of a dear friend and excitedly Darby, who employs a distinct and somewhat unique creative streak, truly wanted to help. I set her on the opposite side of my bar height wooden table, placed in front of her six to seven colors of ink, and a box of stamps to create a masterpiece all her own that later she could color more completely with crayons or pencils. As I was setting about my business, organizing items into piles, separating colors, researching plans to create the invitations, Darby announces that she has already finished. Ugh... I wish I were that quick.

The next best thing to her own work is, of course, helping mommy with hers. So I set aside some of the smaller bits of paper that I had already cut out and asked her to hand me one at a time in order to place it appropriately on the next card. That strategy lasted about three cards. Then I asked her to help me put away the items she had used to create her own picture to no avail since I was still "arting" away on my project. Eventually I had to release her from the dungeon even though she clearly wanted to stay locked in its dimly lit depths. Lucky for me the pool was open for business and dad took her (and the dogs) for a swim. In her absence I quickly finished the bulk of the work and set it aside to label and post for tomorrow's mail. I wish my kids were as quick to offer their helpful hands while washing dishes or sorting laundry. One can always hope!

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