Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lazy Day

I think my "to do" list over there will be three times as long by the end of the holiday weekend. The only, and I do mean only item that I actually accomplished from today's/yesterday's list was to pressure wash the entire back porch and deck area. In and of itself this was a very lengthy chore and the necessity to complete it was due to the fact that indeed I took my poodles to the groomer and they are nicely bathed, clean, groomed and pretty (they smell good too).

I don't typically wash the entire porch area. However, my dogs one evening two weeks ago, decided to have a mud party. At about 2:30 a.m. I awoke to my dogs barking and playing which is somewhat abnormal so I went out on my upper deck and scolded the silly mutts. What I didn't realize was they were sloshing about on the side of the house that is completely shaded from any sunlight and despite the sparse shrub here and there it is all dirt until the sprinklers turn on at about 2:15 a.m.

So after five or ten more minutes pass and I've tossed and turned from side to side with a pillow over my head Maka and Mojo continue to harass my sleepless mind intent that I should accompany them outside.

So without glasses, shoes, robe or even turning on the outside light, I stomp frustrated to the basement to access the bottom patio. I stormed out of the house ready to reprimand the assailants for a second time only to discover them soaked from head to paw covered in mud which they in turn had tracked all over the back porch covering every surface in the slimy muck. Awakened completely at this point I escorted the crazy animals into their kennel which, under the circumstances was no easy task. The sprinklers were still spouting water all around and the sweet smell of sludge kept them from obeying. I had to grab them both by their wet, slimy, collars covered in slop to haul them into the foreboding kennel. This, in turn, covered me in all of their glory but I was so completely exhausted from a frustrating sleep already, I wiped off what I could and went back to bed certain to launder my bed linens in a few more sleepless hours.

I hadn't bothered to clean up the dried mud until after they were groomed, it seemed pointless until then. So, yesterday after their appointment I tugged my beautifully manicured mutts into the impending kennel to await the mud splattered clean-up. I wonder how long they will resist the temptations of sprinkler-mud?

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