Monday, August 25, 2008

My Dog Thinks She's a Baby

This past March I took my standard poodle Major Mojo to be groomed. We walked into Groomingdales with no intention of finding another pooch to add to our family but unfortunately for me (or maybe Dennis) the owner of the salon bred standard poodles. In fact, that January she had a litter of five pups. She asked if I'd like to see them (who can resist looking at cute tiny fur balls)? Delighted to hold the tiny puppies, I immediately fell in cahoots with a little ball of black fluff with a silver face. I knew I had to invent some creative name and reason for her to return to our abode. Dennis and I both love Hawaii so I went home and researched names in Hawaiian. I came across Makalea which, in Hawaiian, means twinkle eyed or mischievous. She began as the former and has since evolved into the latter.
She has been a baby since the day I brought her home. She likes to be carried and still at eight months old, she allows us to pick her up like a toddler on momma's hip and carry her around. Yesterday when Dennis was firing up some grub on the bar-b-cue I happened upon the following scene. So despite his grumblings about owning two dogs, especially the mischievous one, it is apparent that he enjoys her company especially when ol' twinkle eyes comes out to play.

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