Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time to Rearrange

Fall is upon us! Since tomorrow is September first I decided that although we are still swimming here in sunny California, I'd pull out my fall decor to display. That was the first thing that crossed my mind anyway, but what began as just setting about holiday nick-knacks, ended up in a full fledged "lets rearrange furniture" for a few hours. Since we moved into this house I didn't really know what to do with some of the rooms. So, like most other home owners who after purchasing a house simply put furniture into rooms similarly to what was there and how it was displayed when they viewed it, is exactly the trap that Dennis and I fell into.

Slowly I've begun to actually embellish the spaces starting this time with our own room which, when it's entirely finished I will post pictures of the drama that has taken almost a year to complete.

Getting back to my current dilemma... So, how did I come to the decision to rearrange the furniture in my living room you ask? Well, in my kitchen there is a nook, a smaller space next to the heart of the home where, in front of cozy gas fireplace, I had initially placed two reclining tapestry Queen-Anne style chairs. They were a large expense for us when we bought them initially for our last home and I thought they would fit nicely in what southerners would typically refer to as a keeping room. Well, there they sat for the past year and practically everyday I would find myself frustrated with my kids who would eat at any hour of the day anything they wanted in these chairs rather than walking another fifteen feet (still in the same space) to chow down on snacks or breakfast bars at the kitchen table. Darby insisted on moving each chair everyday to a new location which also led me to the conclusion that these chairs must find a new space away from sticky fingers.

Well, today as I was picking air head candy off the floor beneath one of the chairs and found a peach pit under the cushion, that was the last straw! I completed the procedure for cleaning the gunk out of the cushions and decided they would be moving back into the living room for which they were intended. I cleaned and rearranged the living room pulling in a rug from the entry, setting the seating area on an angle to the stone fireplace, moved the accent tables, and hauled in the chairs from the kitchen.

Once all of that was finished I went to the depths of my basement to find all of my fall ornaments to fill in the blanks. I never really liked the living room since we moved in until now. Before it just had furniture in it that labeled it a sitting area with a nice fireplace. Now it looks somewhat finished. There are a few more items I will eventually change and add to make it much more cohesive, and I'm afraid when I take down the seasonal decor it will again become a barren no man's land. But I'm happy with it for now!

As for the keeping area? It is completely void of furniture save the small area rug placed in front of the fireplace. How do my children feel about it? I don't care (not really) I won't have to be picking cheerios, m&m's, frosted flakes, peach pits, or any other food item out of my tapestry chairs anymore! Right now bean bags are sounding like a pretty solid strategy for replacement.

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