Monday, July 13, 2009

Tide Pools, Beaches, Sharks, Sunsets and Dinner at the Canoe House at the Mauna Lani

Hanging out at the Mauna Lani!

The Canoe House is located to the left of Austin in the photo below. A fantastic restaurant with a killer view of the ocean. While we were waiting for them to open around six in the evening we took a walk along the ocean front. I don't know why but tide pools always seem to pull you into them. The kids are always curious about what might have gotten washed in but not out!

I've been playing with my camera, settings, and aperture when I finally got my Nikon home here is a before and after photo of the same picture with different exposure and color settings applied. Just doodling for me right now, maybe I'll get more serious with much more practice!

The eyes behind the lens, most of the time! Once in a while I hand it over, but not often!
I couldn't believe the color of the foliage on this tree, it was so gorgeous, and it is untouched too! The photo is simply that a photo of a beautiful orange/red tree.
Since I never saw one in the ocean, this will have to suffice...

Cara and her first Hawaiian sunset.

Eating at the Canoe House

Evening #2 out at the Mauna Lani Resort:
While we went to the Mauna Lani to eat at the fabulous Canoe House Restaurant, which was by the way, superb,  we took a stroll along the water, searched the tide pools, enjoyed the resort's aquatic life and the hammerhead shark (Cara was happy we weren't diving with it), and while we were all rockin' our first semi-sunburn despite the care of sunscreen with an SPF of 50 had a great dinner and enjoyed the first sunset of our trip! (I think that is one of my longest run on sentences- ever. My English professor would be proud.)

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mamamia said...

Love the pics. Everyone looks great! The sunsets and scenery are beautiful, too. Looks like you guys had so much fun!