Monday, July 6, 2009

Roy's Waikaloa

Our first evening we went to one of my favorite (and child friendly) restaurants in town, Roy's in the Kings Marketplace in Waikaloa

Always with some kind of camera at hand, and usually in use, here is more proof of this :)

Cara is excited to start trying new cuisine... aka fish... aka sashimi... and yes she likes it! The funnier thing to mention here is the fact that by the time we had arrived on the island three or four people working at various establishments were very curious how I (being so young looking :)... could have three kids. Granted Cara is a blond, blue-eyed angel she really resembles Darby so I can understand why that might get people confused.  But, seriously, she'll be twenty this year people! 

I guess I can see why people would think that they are sisters, they really have a resemblance to each other. Cara and I got tons of laughs over it!

Austin couldn't wait for .... FOOD!!!

This was what he ordered. I believe he had the Kona Kampachi and he asked the server what was garnishing the top of the fish, to which the server responded "seaweed." Now most children would make the most appalling face at this reference to sea weed but not Austin. He simply tried it and said, "Hmmm, it's kind of salty, but really good with the fish!" Yes, he ate the entire thing!

I had Hawaiian Ono in an amazing sauce (which there just wasn't enough of) over some scalloped potatoes. Delish!

Did you like your food Austin? I think he licked his plate clean. Now we're waiting for the Chocolate Souffle Lava Cakes, one for each of us! There is no sharing the chocolate lava cakes!

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