Monday, July 27, 2009

Some Kids Like Sashimi

Ever since we lived in San Francisco, Dennis and I have been able to enjoy more high quality food experiences. With many restaurants in San Francisco known for their splendid atmosphere and exquisite food preparation and presentation, we have come to anticipate and enjoy everything that properly executed cuisine can offer. As we travel we always look to find fantastic establishments that offer the same or often better culinary experiences. 
That being said, we have also encouraged our children to eat any and everything. I almost never restrict their choice of food to the children's menu at any given restaurant simply because the kid's menu choices limit their ability to expand their taste. Often if something is tried once and disliked, I will reintroduce the same food again and again. Most of the time this teaches them to try new things. It also encourages the fact that although they might not like something the first time, they might like it prepared a different way or they will acquire a taste for something they thought they hated.
Throughout my experience in motherhood, I've found this to be both a blessing and a curse. Austin, now, expects to always be allowed to order anything from a menu, and that is usually fine unless he spies the fifty dollar lobster meal. Darby, who loves all things food, will order from either. Unfortunately she sometimes seems to gain weight faster than her brother, saved me from her doctor one day who assumed that she only ate chicken nuggets and french fries by speaking directly to him and saying, "I like broccoli." Well we have grown from broccoli, and when in Hawaii, fish is the fare of choice and more specifically, sashimi
We have eaten at Kenichi's before and the kids were looking forward to our return, only to find out that they were closed until after the fourth of July. So they anxiously awaited the one evening when we were able to enjoy company and food at the Japanese influenced Asian fusion establishment, the kids were thrilled. Darby immediately ordered the Kona Kampachi sashimi. Austin ordered the sashimi dinner which included a variety of freshly caught and served fish. Cara, who had never really had fish, let alone raw fish, was introduced to the helpings and offerings from both the kids and she herself ordered the seared Ahi and enjoyed it.

Of course when our drinks arrived with cherries atop, the kids ate the cherries and handed me their stems to knot in my mouth. It's a silly bar trick that I have fun doing because the kids find it fascinating that I can tie a knot with my teeth and tongue. So they watch in quiet bewilderment to receive the tied cherry stem all the while I've kept them happy and amused while awaiting the entrees. This time Cara and Darby both tried to tie knots in their own cherry stems. 

Austin eagerly handed me his to tie. He didn't want to be the one with the silly face.
The entrees finally arrived after we all had shared some sushi rolls, miso soup, and cherry stem tying. Darby and Austin gobbled down their raw fish and enjoyed every minute of it. Dennis and I had the Hawaiian seared ono with a mashed wasabi sweet potato and garnished with oyster mushrooms (I think) and ponzu foam. Cara delighted in her seared ahi, served rare with a soy reduction and white potato mash. It was so good I almost forgot to take pictures of the food. 
Darby... eating Kona Kampachi sushi!

What? It really is raw!? 

Austin... with his assortment of sashimi, ahi, salmon, o'paka'paka (red snapper), and kampachi

I just can't get enough good fish around here (in our little cowboy town in the foothills of the Sierras)! So, whenever we are in Hawaii it is almost always what I order. This night was no different and the ono was delicious. (That is why the Hawaiians call the fish that most people know as wahoo, ono Because in Hawaiian, "ono" means delicious.)